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ACTION: Masturbation and Spikey Beaver
Andou Natsu is hot and horny when she comes home after a long day at work. All she can think of is coming, as soon as possible.

Unfortunately she forgets that te window and the curtains of her bedroom are still open and that anyone can watch her... and record her antics!
ACTION: Harcore Cosplay and Cumplay
Here comes the bride... and again, and again!

Manaka Yuri simply can't wait for her wedding night and decides to sample her husband to be beforehand...
ACTION: Spikey Beaver and Cumplay
Our local nurse is a hot little girl: Every now and then she goes to her locker, just to sniff her boyfriends underpants and masturbate. Of course all the rest of the staff knows about that and they love to make use of her horny moods.

Sometimes even the patients join in!
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For years you have been obsessed by your girl next door. So much so that you have even installed a hidden camera to watch her masturbate. But now it is time for the real stuff and you decide to seduce her.

But will you manage on bare feet?
ACTION: Masturbation, Harcore, Cumplay, Oral Sex, Cosplay and Creampie
Inoue Mai is a fun loving girl and she knows how to please her boyfriend:

Dressed up in his favorite latex outfit she turns him on like nobody else!